Purpose and Hope (and Movement)

This is a repeat of a previous years emails (x4?).

Every year at this time (actually this year is a wee earlier) we feel similar feels. We all feel the drain and the fatigue as the past months (years) have been busy and challenging. Many clients, friends and family expressed this common feeling. We know that things will escalate as we get closer to the end of the year.

It is dark out, we are tired, there is a lot of pressure…..BUT…..

Once again I’ve decided to face the month of November with the utmost POSITIVE attitude and focus of PURPOSE and the impact of HOPE. This will be challenging as there are struggles to fit everything in and still attempt to be good at what we do!

Here’s my reminder of how to focus on purpose
(by all means please borrow and share if it works for you):

1. A no brainer-trying to keep a positive attitude brings gratitude and recognizing what is being accomplished or has been accomplished….(regardless the size or the task)

2. I will be more appreciative of the amazingness around me. Which includes YOU!

3. I WILL SWEAT- Sweat playing soccer with my peeps, SWEAT when I’m teaching group fitness, SWEAT when I’m working out…

4. Laugh and chill-for me anything created by Mindy Kaling (if you don’t like her you should probably unfollow-joking-kinda) and actually be okay with taking time to do nothing which still constitutes doing something for myself.

5. MOVE and help you MOVE.

6. I am in control and know my self-worth. If things do not validate my worth, I will not give them access to my life.

7. I WILL get SLEEP.

8. Complaining is draining. I will be mindful and try to decrease the amount I complain about troubles and find peace knowing that I am thankful for the troubles I do not have.

9. BREATHE- taking that 2-3 minutes just to intentionally focus on Breath- a quick reboot.

10. I will stay on track- keep moving forward and start each day new. I will not take yesterday’s challenges forward.

It’s Not an Event- It’s My (Your) Life!

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Ahhhhh Autumn- transition time- (a bit of a repost)

Fall = time to start to ramp things up. Routines are setting in and some of the kinks in your schedules are getting worked out. There is always the behind the scenes work to do – planning, advising and promotions and this is the week that we start to MOVE a little more!

And by the way, this was National Coaches Week! I am a coach- not only a certified coach but I consider myself the movement coach for all participants….and that I know that this helps YOU in so many ways!

My focus is to continue to be a good human, helping others be good humans and raising good humans….in a way that makes me feel less of the guilt and shame that has been thrown around news, media lately (that was necessary positive self-talk)

For me, that may mean I turn off some of the social media and finger-pointing and name-calling and emphasize how I can help others be better. LETTING IT GO.

And by coaching your movement, emphasizing functional longevity, focusing on adding more motion into your life, cueing you on posture and all things kinetic…. actually can improve your quality of life.

So if you or your family members have coaches- take an extra moment to go out of your way and give them a nice hi-five (and say thanks).

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Hello Aging…..

Hello AGING….

This week was a bit of a reflective week. It’s inevitable not to have moments where the reality of mortality kicks in. Hold up-I’m not not invincible? Sorry if sounds morbid….just keeping it real.

So instead fixating on the negatives I will say hello and embrace the reality of aging.

As a true GenXer this means I am doing things like always wearing hats and sunscreen to protect my skin (sorry repeated sunburnt nose from the 70’s), craving sleep, cranking up the retro 70’s/80’s, tunes, combatting hormonal fluctuations and maybe just maybe changing up my pace a wee bit.

What else comes with aging? There is a lot of physical changes….but that’s a whole other email.

Personal things like different responsibilities and transitions, aging parents, loss, feeling like trying to keep up, down sizing, and yes what we hear with this age group is more injuries, disease and illness.

BUT….A big BUTT…..we can STILL do things to take this down ( or up) a notch….and it does involve movement.

I am an advocate for improved experiences of aging. Too often the younger generations discount our older adults and just assume they aren’t able to keep up. My teens do that to me ALL THE TIME.

I love when I work with older adults who forgot what it feels like to move, then find the safe ways to move (like lifting weights, pickle ball or getting an electric bike) and see all the benefits of being functional.

Being in your 70’s and 80’s doesn’t mean you can’t do the things you love (it just may look a little different).

So yeah- I am feeling a wee older.

I also feel it is a privilege to age….a privilege to share this with my family and friends. The right of passage to pass on my knowledge and STILL GROW.

So instead of putting filters on my posts, fretting about wrinkles (I may still complain about my genetics), accept the greying hair, and thinking about what I can’t do; I’m going to find joy in my experiences (whether the same ones at a different pace or new adventures) and JUST be ME.

Maybe you will join me!

Get out and live…enjoy….move….

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Keep it Fresh

I like routine…most of us like routine. It was good to get back to routine…but boy was it hard. I also like a challenge (or two) to keep things Fresh.

There are times when we tell ourselves “There’s no way I can do that!” How do you know unless you try? Internal barriers affect physical abilities. In other words, it might be all in your head!

Remember when you didn’t have as many barriers? If you forget what that was like, watch some kids!

I remember we would climb trees, crawl through ditches, jump logs and I even swung across a pitchfork laden barnyard (thanks to brothers).

Here’s the thing…you can still do those things. They might be slower, or somewhat modified, but you CAN do them.

Sometimes we need to say, “What the $#@%…I’m going to try that”. The feeling of success that comes after even attempting the “barrier” is awesome!

Pick a barrier you are going to break. If you’ve achieved something you didn’t think you could do, feel free to share it with me! I want to know and celebrate with you!


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Keep Pep in Your Step

Before you read this ….Go put on some tunes…and start bopping!

Did it…good…now read on!

Well here is another reminder that MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE. We know this -but sometimes we need to hear it again (and again and again). YOUR WHOLE HEALTH….physically and mentally!

You still listening to your tunes? Are you moving a bit more? Try to shimmy those shoulders for a couple of seconds.

We know what movement can do for us physically (strengthen, increase function, increase range of motion, disease prevention etc), as well as, there is evidence that physical activity is beneficial in treating and preventing depression.

If you know me…you know I’m social and I truly care about helping YOU out. It seems many of my discussions on a daily basis involve peoples mental health. Either they are struggling, or struggling as a caregiver, or just becoming more aware of their own mental well being.

I am an advocate for mental health and as a health professional who focusses on the physical, I can not deny the relationship between the mind and body. By no means am I saying that dancing will cure depression or doing squats will prevent anxiety- what I know is that by moving your body (increasing the blood flow, distracting your mind, breathing, and increasing endorphins) may help complement other forms of treatment.

There are many resources out there (don’t hesitate to ask me)!

So perhaps you may be feeling a bit of an October rut. Try standing up, going for a walk, move the body (and just put a little pep in your step…as in kick it up just a notch if you can).

For me- I need to keep the GLIDE in my STRIDE….keep grooving for my physical and mental health as a mom, spouse, friend, business owner and health professional.

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Restoractive Class- Coming end of the month

We have all missed the Tuesday 7 pm night class at Churchill Clubhouse

Up until the pandemic this was a fan fave for over 20 years.

So bringing it back with some adjustments!

If interested and need more information email me shar@loudenkinetics.ca

If not Book at link below for 6 class pass for $120 or drop on for $25 a class! Sliding scale available.

You will need a bender ball and a mat!


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Getting Ready for some Outdoor Fun

Hope you got to get outside and enjoy the Vitamin D.

Weather- main topic of the week.

My goal is to transition into 1 outdoor class a week and the others staying virtual. We will be doing the Wednesday class outdoors (starting May 4th).

Let’s revisit our outdoor weather protocol.

Basically it depends on temperature and moisture. We tend to do some activities that require us to get down on the ground….so lets say unless the weather is above 10 degrees (and that’s the “feels like” according to Weather network APP) – and not wet we will keep it virtual.

Back in the old days (yes like 10 years ago it used to be 5 degrees)…..some things change….thermal regulating perhaps?

So for those who have NOT been interested in virtual and waiting to get back outside….JOIN US! Our goal is to start the first week of May!

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New Month, Fresh Start- Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple- Commit to Movement!

Movement is Simple-our bodies are designed to move. However, sometimes the simplest movement may actual be the hardest. We like to recruit accessory muscles to try to make movement “easier”. We will be breaking this down in classes this week.

This week try to focus on your movement to see if you notice what is putting in the effort and really working hard and maybe what areas shouldn’t be working as hard (ie. clenched Jaws and shoulders hiked to your ears).

This week I also challenge you to pick a simple goal. It should be a small commitment – one that you can achieve.

Examples: I will focus on being mindful and my breath for 2 minutes a day. I will attend at least 4 fitness classes this month. I will make that appointment that I have been meaning to do.

We have discussed this before and there’s no better time than a brand new month to start fresh and put a stop to old habits. It’s been a long winter and it’s time to move forward!

You in?

It’s YOUR life. Your body. Your heart. Take charge.


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5 reasons why you should join Strollerfit!

5 Things that generally take place when attending a Strollerfit class:

1.You get out of the house- yes …obvious -but so important!

2.You move in a big space- safely at your own pace with guidance!

3.You disconnect from routine and connect with others.

4.You get your heart rate up, you change your posture, you BREATHE!


Time to sign up! New session starts Feb 17 th…. Strollers, baby carriers, wagons…. All welcome. Space is big for you to have own 6 ft away from others.

DM if you questions.

#movementismedicine #mommyandme

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In search of the SILVER LINING

Holy Heck I’m glad we are saying goodbye to January. Personally, this one seemed to be extra long and difficult. My goal of trying not to be on social media as much totally went down the drain….(STUPID COVID).

Continually getting stuck in some negative thoughts throughout the past month, I dug deep and frequently used the term “silver lining” ( a lot with friends and family). to pull myself out of a bad space.

Definition of silver lining

: a consoling or hopeful prospect

So here is my VERY PERSONAL COVID silver lining list (not in any order of importance) :

NO SPORTS- As a family that loves team sports and organized sports this was hard… I am 100% guilty of glorifying being busy…I really do like to be busy…I thrive…but I also NEEDED the downtime. Sliver Lining- Instead of sports- we skated, we walked, we talked….I puzzled (unheard of). And trying to heal old injuries with forced rest…

LOCKDOWN- Being forced to stay home with teens and assist with remote learning. Changing course of therapy and help one teen struggle with eating disorder. Watching, listening, crying Silver Lining: the watching, the learning, the crying and guidance – coping as a parent and watching child hit lows and slowly figuring out where they are at each stage- support and growth. FYI it’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week this week #EveryoneHasARoleToPlay

NEW BIZ OPPS! – After successfully setting up a new collaborative health care business that the pandemic forced to close…Loud’n Kinetics pivoted to virtual only-and a new business rose up!
Silver Lining-Homecare business in rural Ontario hit the ground running. My vision of continuing to help our aging population and seniors who need personal care in communities was very much needed. My goal to start off slow….didn’t happen. Another silver lining- my team. AMAZING humans who care- who go above and beyond to assist those who want to stay in their home (dignity, care and love).

NO TRAVEL- not being able to see our family for summer vacations or even to see grandparents in Montreal….that was hard.
SILVER LINING- we talked/ zoomed/Facetimed more than we would have if there was no pandemic…..I think my husband has not talked to his family as much in past 20 years than he has in the past 2 years.

COVID- Yes- recently contracting this lovely virus and feeling it!
Silver lining- the ability to isolate with my 17 year old. Forced to hang out with me for 5 days….looking at the universities she has to decide on…knowing that next year will be very very different….and another Silver Lining proving that vaccines work!

I know I am fortunate to be able to find the silver lining…keep searching and find the hope in your moments.

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