Getting Ready for some Outdoor Fun

Hope you got to get outside and enjoy the Vitamin D.

Weather- main topic of the week.

My goal is to transition into 1 outdoor class a week and the others staying virtual. We will be doing the Wednesday class outdoors (starting May 4th).

Let’s revisit our outdoor weather protocol.

Basically it depends on temperature and moisture. We tend to do some activities that require us to get down on the ground….so lets say unless the weather is above 10 degrees (and that’s the “feels like” according to Weather network APP) – and not wet we will keep it virtual.

Back in the old days (yes like 10 years ago it used to be 5 degrees)…..some things change….thermal regulating perhaps?

So for those who have NOT been interested in virtual and waiting to get back outside….JOIN US! Our goal is to start the first week of May!

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New Month, Fresh Start- Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple- Commit to Movement!

Movement is Simple-our bodies are designed to move. However, sometimes the simplest movement may actual be the hardest. We like to recruit accessory muscles to try to make movement “easier”. We will be breaking this down in classes this week.

This week try to focus on your movement to see if you notice what is putting in the effort and really working hard and maybe what areas shouldn’t be working as hard (ie. clenched Jaws and shoulders hiked to your ears).

This week I also challenge you to pick a simple goal. It should be a small commitment – one that you can achieve.

Examples: I will focus on being mindful and my breath for 2 minutes a day. I will attend at least 4 fitness classes this month. I will make that appointment that I have been meaning to do.

We have discussed this before and there’s no better time than a brand new month to start fresh and put a stop to old habits. It’s been a long winter and it’s time to move forward!

You in?

It’s YOUR life. Your body. Your heart. Take charge.


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5 reasons why you should join Strollerfit!

5 Things that generally take place when attending a Strollerfit class:

1.You get out of the house- yes …obvious -but so important!

2.You move in a big space- safely at your own pace with guidance!

3.You disconnect from routine and connect with others.

4.You get your heart rate up, you change your posture, you BREATHE!


Time to sign up! New session starts Feb 17 th…. Strollers, baby carriers, wagons…. All welcome. Space is big for you to have own 6 ft away from others.

DM if you questions.

#movementismedicine #mommyandme

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In search of the SILVER LINING

Holy Heck I’m glad we are saying goodbye to January. Personally, this one seemed to be extra long and difficult. My goal of trying not to be on social media as much totally went down the drain….(STUPID COVID).

Continually getting stuck in some negative thoughts throughout the past month, I dug deep and frequently used the term “silver lining” ( a lot with friends and family). to pull myself out of a bad space.

Definition of silver lining

: a consoling or hopeful prospect

So here is my VERY PERSONAL COVID silver lining list (not in any order of importance) :

NO SPORTS- As a family that loves team sports and organized sports this was hard… I am 100% guilty of glorifying being busy…I really do like to be busy…I thrive…but I also NEEDED the downtime. Sliver Lining- Instead of sports- we skated, we walked, we talked….I puzzled (unheard of). And trying to heal old injuries with forced rest…

LOCKDOWN- Being forced to stay home with teens and assist with remote learning. Changing course of therapy and help one teen struggle with eating disorder. Watching, listening, crying Silver Lining: the watching, the learning, the crying and guidance – coping as a parent and watching child hit lows and slowly figuring out where they are at each stage- support and growth. FYI it’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week this week #EveryoneHasARoleToPlay

NEW BIZ OPPS! – After successfully setting up a new collaborative health care business that the pandemic forced to close…Loud’n Kinetics pivoted to virtual only-and a new business rose up!
Silver Lining-Homecare business in rural Ontario hit the ground running. My vision of continuing to help our aging population and seniors who need personal care in communities was very much needed. My goal to start off slow….didn’t happen. Another silver lining- my team. AMAZING humans who care- who go above and beyond to assist those who want to stay in their home (dignity, care and love).

NO TRAVEL- not being able to see our family for summer vacations or even to see grandparents in Montreal….that was hard.
SILVER LINING- we talked/ zoomed/Facetimed more than we would have if there was no pandemic…..I think my husband has not talked to his family as much in past 20 years than he has in the past 2 years.

COVID- Yes- recently contracting this lovely virus and feeling it!
Silver lining- the ability to isolate with my 17 year old. Forced to hang out with me for 5 days….looking at the universities she has to decide on…knowing that next year will be very very different….and another Silver Lining proving that vaccines work!

I know I am fortunate to be able to find the silver lining…keep searching and find the hope in your moments.

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Bring it on 2022

Bring it on 2022

I’m not one for resolutions but I will let you know what I will be working hard on doing this year:

Being accountable and keep you accountable!

Keep up quality information (with content:movement not necessarily professional zoom background i.e animals).

BE FUNNY- Humour is the language that I know. And never take myself too serious.

Keep caring- and sharing. Resources and areas of need for our community

Keep it Real- the screw ups, the aches the pains and promoting the importance of healthy aging on social media!!!

Keeping my shoulders big and strong to be there when YOU need to lean on them!

REST- unloading and rebooting when I need it- preaching and following through!

GET OUTSIDE- be a free range adult and get off the grid (leave device at home) and just be in nature.


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Be Safe. Stay Well. Be Kind!

Be safe. Stay well.
Be Kind (encore)

Well, here we are heading into the holiday break. This seems eerily twilight zonish from lasts years post….

Some of you have kids who are home from school which means some of you are taking some time “off”. However, we know that some don’t get a break, especially those on the front lines with the pandemic (a shout out to all my friends/ caregivers in healthcare- THANK YOU).

This is the second to last weekly email for 2021. And yes…again…what a year 2021 has been.

There is s(n)o(w) much to say, s(n)o(w) much to think about (selfishly -I really would like snow this winter).

But to put it simply:

Once again…


Perhaps the best gift this year is to REALLY think of others. Those who may not have the choices that we may have. Those who continue to work (yes essential workers), those who cannot see their family (in homes/congregate care settings or in areas of lockdown), and/or those who are vulnerable to all things COVID.

It truly is a gift of human kindness to do what is best for our community (and by the community I mean everyone around us).

Let’s keep moving. Don’t stop being kinetic! Do all things safely!

There are only 2 classes for the next 2 weeks (slowing down but not turning it off completely).

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of you and your families!

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Hello Holidays…..

There are now lots of things happening in our lives as the holiday season is officially upon us.

Parties, eating, giving, spending….and holy heck FATIGUE!

As we are hitting mid December things are going to wind down and bit to reboot. Wrapping up this year with a couple of classes.

Stay the course if you can….we have been adding a lot of stretching to the classes and hoping to keep that up!

Winding down the Baby Needs donations as well….if you were hoping to do this please drop off soon.

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Good to Give

11th Annual Baby Needs/ Donation Drive!

Just a wee reminder that until December 20th you can donate any baby needs donations that perhaps you were given or don’t need….or purchase to give.

For Strollerfitters Bonus class is tomorrow- bring in your donations.

For those who want to drop off or need a pick up please email Sharlene

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Cheers to Movement

Cheers to Movement
Happy December! This is a week when a lot of holiday celebrations are really getting going full steam ahead.

Sometimes we get wrapped up (pun intended) in all the hustle and bustle of the season. So let’s take a moment and reflect on the reasons why we are doing it.

If after reflection you still feel a little squirrelly- try adding a bit of exercise (just even 10 minutes) can help you decompress, gain a different perspective and increase your happiness in this busy season!

Enjoy YOUR celebrations…safely of course….

A wee message to say thanks to all the donations coming in. Don’t forget to spread the cheers and love if you can.

Last date to donate is Dec 20th!


Oh and……Oskee wee wee!

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OKAY Here we GO!

Let’s make this official:

When: Starting NOV 11th- Dec 2nd- 4 weeks of Strollerfit- 10 am!
Where: Soccerworld 104 Frid street ( lot’s of parking- lots of space)
What: Bring mat, blanket for baby, toys for tots, masks,
How much: $60 for the 4 weeks (if you have bands) $75 (included equipment) more info below!

Some things have changed a wee bit since the last time we met (just a wee bit).  There will be no preview class and unfortunately no make up classes at this time.

Here are main points that everyone must adhere to:

1. You must show your Vaccination Passport each time you enter Soccerworld!

2. Masks are to be worn when entering and resting- however can be taken off while exercising.

3. Sign up for all 4 classes for $60 (providing your own equipment) go to this link to register

or $75 for 4 classes plus equipment.  Go to this link to register

Or $20 per drop in class

(Pay by online with credit card or by E- transfer to

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