Guilty.  I’m a hypocrite!

Here is a repost from just over 2 years ago- with same vibes and some more insight.

I had one of those weeks.  I was one minute away from throwing away all screens and devices in my home.  I know…  I know thar that is totally ridiculous and nearly impossible to do.  But I’m not going to lie… I really really wanted to do it.  Can you relate?

Then I realized- HOLD UP- I spend a lot of time posting things on social media, making sure I’m updated and answering texts.  I can’t throw my phone away (I can’t survive), right?  Well, I would survive and again the act of “getting rid of devices” is unrealistic.  I tell my kids, “Enough screens… Find something else to do” and yet, there is my device(s) glued to me.  I am as GUILTY as the kids!

Our children (and adults) navigate through social media with such addictive behaviours.  And once again… I’m guilty of it too.  We, who supposedly have developed our frontal lobes, should be able to say “okay that was 30 minutes of perusing on INSTAGRAM, now time to go for a walk”…..but that takes a lot of effort.

12 years ago (I CAN’T believe this) my friend Bettie and I attempted to start a PLAY IN THE PARK program at our local park. Get kids moving- start the habit of enjoying play outdoors. ( My kids were wee and so my naive self thought- YEP we GOT this.

Well, 12 years kids are teens- they still go for walks (but I have to tell them it’s time) and I force them off the screens.

So let’s help each other out.  It is not easy. Asking kids to go for a walk and unplugging is like asking them to crank out 200 burpees…..wait, I think I’m on to something.

I promise to continue to nag and have my children rebel against my walks.  I will continue this parental behaviour and hopefully, when they are old enough (with fully formed frontal lobes) they will thank me.

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Let’s Get Moving!

Do you feel like I do where March is just a blur?  I know I talk about being mindful and present….but where did March go…Wow!

I was fortunate enough to head out to a great summit this past week with other health and fitness professionals.  It’s pretty easy to get health and wellness professionals pumped about “movement” – but my “take-away” is to help get MORE people moving and help them LOVE what they do!

NOTE: I am happy to say that if you have been participating in classes over the past many years (it will be 10 years in June) that we are doing everything right and relevant ( …PHEW).  And FYI to my class attendees:  I was in good company with some other instructors who were unable to count as well  (@labsports- Michael Piercy!)

A couple of things that really stood out to me.  Some of the statistics were not that pretty.  In the US, people are sitting on average 7.7 hours a day.  Technology and our busy lifestyles don’t help us MOVE.  There is a lot more research that needs to be done, but one thing we know is how movement is GOOD and we really just have to get moving.

On the positive spin: There is data that proves that exercise is good (but that may be boring) and our gut feeling is right – we know how physical activity positively influences us.

There is no one way to get Fit.  What works for me, of course, may not work for you. But I’m going to keep trying new things for you….remember Parkour, Hip Hop, Obstacle courses and Scavenger Hunts etc.

So even if you can’t make it the classes we offer- that’s okay- if you have a place that makes you move- and you love it – GREAT just get there and…..


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Hey Mamas! Mid morning Workshop April 1st, 2019

Don’t forget Strollerfit First Class for Spring ist March 28th, 2019! Thursday at 10:30 am.

No stroller?  No problem!  The majority of participants have a baby in a stroller for class, but if you prefer to keep your little one in a carrier rather than a stroller, modified exercises will be given.  We also understand that toddlers like to run free and that there may also be times when you get to leave your baby with another caregiver while you work out.  Gasp!  Wouldn’t that be dreamy?

Strollerfit takes place at Soccer World (104 Frid St, Hamilton) at 10:30 am on Thursdays.  You can register for our classes under schedule or arrange a free trial by contacting at any time.

For birth mothers, it is suggested that you wait at least 6 weeks after giving birth before participating, but you may participate earlier with doctor/midwife clearance.

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Here we Grow again!


We are excited to add both Dr. Jenna and Melissa to the Health Hub!

Melissa is a Registered Massage therapist with over 15 years of experience in the industry.  Recently relocated her family to Hamilton and is looking forward to being part of the collaborative team.

Dr. Jenna grew up in a small town in southern Ontario. Her down-to-earth attitude is complemented by a well-rounded educational background in the arts and sciences. She graduated from university Summa Cum Laude with a Master’s of Arts Degree, and Double Honours Degree in English Literature and Languages. She has received over 15 educational distinction awards, including the 2017 Edgar Reinhart Chiropractic Philosophy Award for promoting the chiropractic philosophy of vitalism and natural health.

As a child who experienced growing pains, Dr. Jenna grew up benefiting from chiropractic care. Her personal success as a chiropractic patient and her commitment to helping others compelled her to complete her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2017, Contemporary Medical Acupuncture certification in 2018, Reiki certification and Webster Technique certification in 2019.

Dr. Jenna is excited to serve the Hamilton community by providing effective and compassionate quality healthcare. She utilizes a neuro-functional approach to improve people’s health by removing interferences to the nervous system, bringing the body from a state of dysfunction to function.


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We are Family!

We are Family!

Happy Long Weekend!  May your weekend be restful/active and or peaceful/chaotic as long as you are happy with your decisions (with or without YOUR family)

I consider YOU family, you are my fitness family.  I see you when you are just waking up or perhaps really when you don’t want to be exercising….but you do it because you made that commitment and that to me is what family represents!  So thank you for being my committed fitness family!  Here’s to many more celebrations of fitness days together!

We are over the halfway mark for the private Pilates classes!  Great job by everyone attending! We have been increasing the intensity and you have been stepping up to the challenge!  We will be adding on some classes to make up for the lovely snow days!

NB- No class tomorrow morning….sleeping in! 

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I hope you all have had the opportunity to open up your gait (i.e. stop our penguin walk with all this ice) and get out avoiding the potential of cabin fever!

Looking ahead to this week, here comes Valentine’s Day and it is all about our heart.

We love our heart – the organ!  Physiologically,  let’s talk about target heart rates (THR) and what this means for you and your health.  There are different ways to calculate THR.  For simplicity, we will use the basic method to determine THR.  THR is calculated as a percentage of maximum heart rate (MHR). Maximum heart rate is an estimate of how fast your heart is beating when you are at maximum effort when exercising.  MHR is just a guide – your actual MHR may vary from the calculation by as much as 15-20 bpm. The suggested range is working out at  60% and 80% of your MHR.  Why use this? So you know that you are working at the correct intensity to help you get the most out of your workout.

Don’t like math? Use the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) Scale. It is a scale used to measure the intensity of your exercise.  It takes into account your fitness level, environment, and fatigue levels. Perhaps try using the example of RPE below (trying to get to levels between 6-8/9)!

I HEART a lot of things: Pushups, sports, clients who give it their best and providing clients with FUN fitness outlets.

What do you HEART?

What makes your heart rate increase?  What makes you have a change of heart?  What’s your favourite hearty soup (just checking if you are still reading)?

Let’s try getting that heart rate up to the point where you wonder if the heart can really pump that fast.  Challenge your heart and do something that makes you feel awesome.



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Keeping in Real

The Fitness and Health Industry at times is good at adding a bit of guilt (like body image), even though the goal is to try to promote you to get healthier. As I look at different posts, websites and the up and coming instructors, there are moments of doubt with the fitness industry (especially in the world of social media and promotion of health). BUT…. (or should I say BUTT🍑) I do…I REALLY do… believe in living healthy and as healthy as we can.

That is for me keeping it REAL. REAL is evidence-based, individual practices (not always easy) while having fun (individually or in classes and with others). Real is understanding that what works for me, it may not work for everyone. We are going to have some really good strong days and very low days. Understanding your individual needs: Different body types, different eating habits, different sleep habits, and different exercises needs. I’m glad we are all different-love the challenges (and hate being boring)! #keepingitreal#exerciseismedicine #movementislife#kinesiogist #hamont #hamontfitness#kinesiologyinstructor #wellness #health#doitnow

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We Have Moved!

We are excited to have officially moved to 393 King St West- inside Salon Michele.

We love our neighbours, we love the Heritage Centre Hall home, we love the location and we love that there is parking!

Swing by and visit us!



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Movement is Medicine:  This week is Kinesiology week.

Time to get Kinetic.  Start this week off by getting a little more movement in.  You will get Kinetic because you know the importance of moving your body.Here is a wee bit of information of what I do as a Registered Kinesiologist and what Kinesiologists can do for you!

Kinesiologists are to people human movement specialists that use science and research to offer movement as medicine to any Canadian with a health or fitness goal. They provide a hands-on, thorough and personalized approach, to treat injuries, and medical conditions, in an era where many practitioners spend less time with each patient and machines are performing more of the treatments.

Kinesiologists connect with people to give more Canadians the opportunity to live a better life through movement. They share their passion for bringing a proactive, integrated and supportive approach to health in Canada.

Kinesiologists appeal to people as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. They are covered by insurance (in some workplaces), have a degree and are highly-qualified. They work with any age, size, gender, back­ground, ability, and do so in your space.

Kinesiologists take the time to educate and teach how to maintain your health after the program is complete.

Kinesiologists reach the hearts of people as they take time to understand your circumstances and goals, support & encourage you, see your potential, believe in your ability to restore your life or reach your next level of performance, they take a big-picture approach to health.

Let’s set a goal:  You will move 10 minutes more (that last week) each day (60 minutes extra in total- giving you 1 day of rest).

That’s it…that’s all I’m asking.


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Baby Needs and Diaper Drive! Starts next week!

Annual Community Baby Needs Drive!

Drop off your donations at any classes from November 15th- December 18th!

All donations will be shared with the various community needs within Hamilton!

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