New things to come!

Orange you glad you are curious?  More info to come!  Stay tuned!

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Private KINections ©2018- Summer schedule

Good news!!!!

A new Summer session for Private KINections ©2018 will start July 10th.

If you are a new momma and interested in getting back into shape this is the class for you!

Private KINections is a physio based program with focus on pelvic floor restore.

To participate in this program please book with one of the amazing physiotherapists at @blueberrytherapypelvichealth.

With a pelvic health assessment Private Kinections©2018 classes are billable through your extended health.

*evidence based
*increases your core
*focus on relaxation and restoration
*increasing body awareness

#hamont #dundas #pelvicfloorphsyio #pelvicfloor #mommyandme#postpartumhealth #

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Pop up Summer Strollerfit dates and locations. $10 per class- drop in. Pass it on!

A great way for those who need to make up a class from past sessions.

These parks have splash pads/ pools so pack your towels and bathing suits if you want to cool off on your own post workout!!!

NB- These are outdoor classes. Bring sun/ bug protection. If Mother Nature does not cooperate then classes are cancelled.

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STROLLERFIT PREVIEW MAY 3rd @ 10:15 @ Soccer World

Come check out why so many love the special StrollerFit Formula.

Bring mat, water, running shoes, workout wear and stuff to entertain your babes!

If you need more information just shoot a message to!


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Loud’n Kinetics and StrollerFit Hamilton UNITE!


Honoured to have take the reigns from the awesome Maggie from Strollerfit Hamilton!  Will continue to develop and unite new moms and keep #hamont healthy and functional!


See blurb below from Maggie!

Hi Strollerfriends.

My family and I will be moving to Kitchener-Waterloo this summer, so Strollerfit Hamilton will be changing hands.

Registered Kinesiologist and fitness instructor extraordinaire, Sharlene Louden of Louden Kinetics, will be taking over Strollerfit. Shar is a personal friend of mine and has loads of experience teaching pre and post-natal exercise classes. Shar has a bazillion letters after her name that show she knows what she’s talking about. Shar teaches all sorts of stuff and knows all sorts of stuff. Shar can name ALL THE MUSCLES. Like, all of them. Check out Louden Kinetics Facebook page or to learn more about Shar. Strollerfit will continue to be held at Soccer World in its current formula for the foreseeable future and Shar will start leading classes in May, but you may see her around class before then.

I’m so sad to have to say goodbye, but I’m really excited that Carolyn and Shar are picking up where I leave off. Thank you for all the laughs, friendship, and sweat over the past few years.

With love and burpees and a few grateful tears,


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Treat yourself to a KICK BUTT mom’s day morning retreat!


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Private KINections (copyright 2018)- Improving your Pelvic Floor Health

Conversations with comfortable topics are easily discussed, but there are topics that are equally important that are rarely discussed because they cause embarrassment.  We are going to discuss one of those uncomfortable topics.


Regardless of how much we’ve have trained, how many babies we’ve had, or how old we are, many women experience incontinence, especially during physical activity.  While using Pilates or Kegels can help there is still more that can be done to help strengthen and improve the function of the pelvic floor.

Learn what causes pelvic floor dysfunction and more importantly how to cure incontinence, reduce pelvic and back pain and increase your knowledge of the functions of the pelvic floor.  Never worry about jumping again!

Kristen Parise has been a physiotherapist for over 16 years working in many settings including hospitals, children’s treatment centres, outpatient clinics and in home care.  She currently has her own physiotherapy practice in Dundas.  She has a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology and a Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy from McMaster University.  Kristen has received additional training to allow her to work as a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and is passionate about providing exceptional, evidenced based care.

Sharlene Louden and Kristen Parise and her team at Blueberry Physio in Dundas have joined forces to help educate and treat pelvic floor dysfunction.


For more private information email


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Express Classes for Spring Session! Pilates, Girl Power Hour and Private KINections (©2018)

Spring gets busy- things get going.  So Starting April 23rd- June 1st- 6 weeks of express classes!  Intermediate mat/ prop classes held at Churchill clubhouse on Tuesdays at 7 pm and Thursdays at 9:15 am!  (Price is $90)

Girl Power hour will start April 19th on Wednesdays at 5 pm at Churchill clubhouse! ($75)

Sign up today!


New Pilates/ Kin schedule starts next week! Check FB and Twitter for the full details!

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Fall Sessions are Over- Hello Winter!


This past week was challenging.  Many clients, friends and family expressed this common feeling. We know that things will escalate as we get closer to the Holidays.  It is dark, it is busy, we are tired…..BUT…..

I’ve decided to face the end of November with the upmost POSITIVE attitude and sense of excitement.  This will be challenging as there are struggles to fit everything in and still be good at what we do!

You know what?  There are many things to be excited about, and here is how I will try my best to be POSITIVELY EXCITED
(by all means please borrow and share if it works for you):

1.  A no brainer- I will be more positive- A positive attitude brings gratitude
2.  I will be more appreciative of amazingness around me.  I am excited to host Appreciation party-I very much appreciate all my wonderful clients, volunteers and colleagues. Tis the season of giving!
3.  I will stay on track- keep moving forward and start each day new.  I will not take yesterdays challenges forward.
4. Watch Elf (as per my son’s recommendations)
5.  Be mindful of my time and who I spend it with
6.  Always end the day with a positive thought- I will overcome negative emotions and remember that change leads to growth!
7. I am in control and know my self worth.  If things do not validate my worth, I will not give them access to my life.
8.  I WILL get SLEEP
9.  Complaining is draining (thanks Kim O for that one).  I will be mindful and try to decrease the amount I complain about troubles and find peace knowing that I am thankful for the troubles I do not have.
10.  It’s Not an Event- It’s My Life



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Fall Schedule coming soon!

Hope you are having fun and enjoying the summer days. We have been super lucky this summer. Even though the weather has been a little fickle this summer, we have been able to have every class outside (yes maybe I just jinxed it).

After this week we will be taking a little break to DO NOTHING! Then we will be preparing for a full fall schedule.

See a glimpse below:

Enjoy the days. Take those moments and soak in the sounds of summer. Keep it balanced. It’s a LONG journey.

Enjoy the rest of August.

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