Things that should be a good fit: Shoes, underwear and your Massage Therapist!

Guest Post:  Callie Parsons RMT


Last week we discussed Mental Health.  Listening is such an important skill that we all can improve on.

Listening to your body is just as important.  Sometimes we do need some assistance to get us feeling feel well and increase productivity.

As a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and busy mother, I know time is precious and getting out the door sometimes is the biggest accomplishment.

Each therapist has his or her own unique treatment style and approach.  They build on the College standards, focusing on courses and methods to help develop their own style of treatment.  Some therapists treat in a more relaxing space that gives the client a sense of relaxation and well being.  Other therapists  prefer a more methodical approach where focused direct work is applied to achieve a treatment goal.

When dealing with limiting factors such as injuries, strains, or discomfort due to posture, a massage therapist can help with the re-alignment of the muscular pull. (Example poor posture due to tight pectoral muscles causing shoulder and neck pain) sometimes our limitations can be cleared up by retraining and improving awareness.

A RMT knows about helping clients to get results.

And each of you are busy, why buy time when you can buy results? Did you know that most therapeutic massage therapy treatments can be done in 45mins. Specialized treatments focus on making your minutes count, by assessing and working towards a treatment goal.

Each client, each treatment is completely individualized.

Book your treatment, and start feeling the benefits of a more open, balanced posture.

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Mental Health Week! LISTEN

As a counsellor and registered psychotherapist, people often ask me how they can help someone who is struggling with a mental health issue or having a difficult time in their life.

My answer is always the same.  At the end of the day, we are all looking for someone to listen to us, someone who will put aside their judgments and who will just be there for us.  By putting down our phones, shutting off the television, closing the laptop or stopping the chore we are currently doing, we can mindfully listen. In these moments, we will start to truly hear what our kids are trying to tell us or what our spouse or friend is actually worried or upset about.  We will learn about sadness, fear, anxiety, joy, relief and accomplishment.

Suffice it to say, we will likely want to jump in and give advice.  And when we have this urge, we need to just take a few breaths and continue to FULLY listen and see what happens.  Be a compassionate curious witness to someone else’s life. Often, that is all that is needed! Remember, mental health is much more than being free of a “problem”. Connectedness is an essential part of being well.

To note, there are times when we realize a loved one requires more support than we can provide.  In these circumstances, it is important to talk to your family physician and/or a local mental health agency about professional support.

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Getty Gritty!

You did it!  You made it through September.  If your life was anything like mine, there were a lot of changes, things starting up, and just plain old busy.

Last week our focus was on balance.  This week, I would like to discuss a wee little character trait called “GRIT”.

Grit is a combination of passion, self control and perseverance.  In my case (and from others that I have heard from), I’m pretty sure a little grit was used during September.   How do you determine if you have GRIT?  Ask yourself- Do you finish what you started?  You are GRITTY when you use self control (waiting for perhaps the optimal choice), passion (doing the things that you love) and persevering (keep fighting despite obstacles).

So how does this relate to health and wellness?

* if you really want to do something (ex: join a dance class, run a 10 km or maybe learn to row), you will get it done and use GRIT.
* if you are exhausted and overwhelmed but know you will feel better after a workout, you use GRIT to get up and get it done.

Can you develop GRIT!  Of course!  You can decrease weaknesses with practice and you can learn by training not only for muscles but our brain (which is a muscle) as well.  Practice to make changes into habits (bad behaviours into great practices!).

It’s not going to be easy (stop making excuses and put down that device- my inner dialogue) and go do the things you want to get DONE!


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A Healthy start to Fall!

Book your appointment now!


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New things to come!

Orange you glad you are curious?  More info to come!  Stay tuned!

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Private KINections ©2018- Summer schedule

Good news!!!!

A new Summer session for Private KINections ©2018 will start July 10th.

If you are a new momma and interested in getting back into shape this is the class for you!

Private KINections is a physio based program with focus on pelvic floor restore.

To participate in this program please book with one of the amazing physiotherapists at @blueberrytherapypelvichealth.

With a pelvic health assessment Private Kinections©2018 classes are billable through your extended health.

*evidence based
*increases your core
*focus on relaxation and restoration
*increasing body awareness

#hamont #dundas #pelvicfloorphsyio #pelvicfloor #mommyandme#postpartumhealth #

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Pop up Summer Strollerfit dates and locations. $10 per class- drop in. Pass it on!

A great way for those who need to make up a class from past sessions.

These parks have splash pads/ pools so pack your towels and bathing suits if you want to cool off on your own post workout!!!

NB- These are outdoor classes. Bring sun/ bug protection. If Mother Nature does not cooperate then classes are cancelled.

Image may contain: text
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STROLLERFIT PREVIEW MAY 3rd @ 10:15 @ Soccer World

Come check out why so many love the special StrollerFit Formula.

Bring mat, water, running shoes, workout wear and stuff to entertain your babes!

If you need more information just shoot a message to!


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Loud’n Kinetics and StrollerFit Hamilton UNITE!


Honoured to have take the reigns from the awesome Maggie from Strollerfit Hamilton!  Will continue to develop and unite new moms and keep #hamont healthy and functional!


See blurb below from Maggie!

Hi Strollerfriends.

My family and I will be moving to Kitchener-Waterloo this summer, so Strollerfit Hamilton will be changing hands.

Registered Kinesiologist and fitness instructor extraordinaire, Sharlene Louden of Louden Kinetics, will be taking over Strollerfit. Shar is a personal friend of mine and has loads of experience teaching pre and post-natal exercise classes. Shar has a bazillion letters after her name that show she knows what she’s talking about. Shar teaches all sorts of stuff and knows all sorts of stuff. Shar can name ALL THE MUSCLES. Like, all of them. Check out Louden Kinetics Facebook page or to learn more about Shar. Strollerfit will continue to be held at Soccer World in its current formula for the foreseeable future and Shar will start leading classes in May, but you may see her around class before then.

I’m so sad to have to say goodbye, but I’m really excited that Carolyn and Shar are picking up where I leave off. Thank you for all the laughs, friendship, and sweat over the past few years.

With love and burpees and a few grateful tears,


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Treat yourself to a KICK BUTT mom’s day morning retreat!


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