Before you read this ….Go put on some tunes…and start bopping!

Did it…good…now read on!

Well here is another reminder that MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE. We know this -but sometimes we need to hear it again (and again and again). YOUR WHOLE HEALTH….physically and mentally!

You still listening to your tunes? Are you moving a bit more? Try to shimmy those shoulders for a couple of seconds.

We know what movement can do for us physically (strengthen, increase function, increase range of motion, disease prevention etc), as well as, there is evidence that physical activity is beneficial in treating and preventing depression.

If you know me…you know I’m social and I truly care about helping YOU out. It seems many of my discussions on a daily basis involve peoples mental health. Either they are struggling, or struggling as a caregiver, or just becoming more aware of their own mental well being.

I am an advocate for mental health and as a health professional who focusses on the physical, I can not deny the relationship between the mind and body. By no means am I saying that dancing will cure depression or doing squats will prevent anxiety- what I know is that by moving your body (increasing the blood flow, distracting your mind, breathing, and increasing endorphins) may help complement other forms of treatment.

There are many resources out there (don’t hesitate to ask me)!

So perhaps you may be feeling a bit of an October rut. Try standing up, going for a walk, move the body (and just put a little pep in your step…as in kick it up just a notch if you can).

For me- I need to keep the GLIDE in my STRIDE….keep grooving for my physical and mental health as a mom, spouse, friend, business owner and health professional.