This is a repeat of a previous years emails (x4?).

Every year at this time (actually this year is a wee earlier) we feel similar feels. We all feel the drain and the fatigue as the past months (years) have been busy and challenging. Many clients, friends and family expressed this common feeling. We know that things will escalate as we get closer to the end of the year.

It is dark out, we are tired, there is a lot of pressure…..BUT…..

Once again I’ve decided to face the month of November with the utmost POSITIVE attitude and focus of PURPOSE and the impact of HOPE. This will be challenging as there are struggles to fit everything in and still attempt to be good at what we do!

Here’s my reminder of how to focus on purpose
(by all means please borrow and share if it works for you):

1. A no brainer-trying to keep a positive attitude brings gratitude and recognizing what is being accomplished or has been accomplished….(regardless the size or the task)

2. I will be more appreciative of the amazingness around me. Which includes YOU!

3. I WILL SWEAT- Sweat playing soccer with my peeps, SWEAT when I’m teaching group fitness, SWEAT when I’m working out…

4. Laugh and chill-for me anything created by Mindy Kaling (if you don’t like her you should probably unfollow-joking-kinda) and actually be okay with taking time to do nothing which still constitutes doing something for myself.

5. MOVE and help you MOVE.

6. I am in control and know my self-worth. If things do not validate my worth, I will not give them access to my life.

7. I WILL get SLEEP.

8. Complaining is draining. I will be mindful and try to decrease the amount I complain about troubles and find peace knowing that I am thankful for the troubles I do not have.

9. BREATHE- taking that 2-3 minutes just to intentionally focus on Breath- a quick reboot.

10. I will stay on track- keep moving forward and start each day new. I will not take yesterday’s challenges forward.

It’s Not an Event- It’s My (Your) Life!