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How we do it

We are not bellowing drill sergeants. But we are not gonna be easy on you either!

Our approach is whole body health and clients often tell me that their experience with me is “different” than anything else they’ve done. Whether a personal training client, a member of a corporate program or come to a group class, my clients get varied, challenging and personal experience. Whether you’re already fit and looking for a new challenge, have grand fitness aspirations, are postpartum, just finding your way back to exercise or just plain lost on the fitness journey, you’ll fit in. We promise. Come and try a class! You’re first one is on us.

Our costs are very competitive- 

You get personal attention in a group class….add in being a rehab specialist…pretty good deals all around!

10 pass class=$130.00 (includes HST)

Drop in class= $15

3 month unlimited = $365.00 (includes HST)

$65 Private session- 45 minutes

$90 Semi-Private session- 45 minutes

$75 Private session- 60 minutes

$150 Pilates with props 10-week course

$150 Girl Power Hour – 8-week course

Pilates for Privates is billable through extended health- ask for more details

Pilates classes to be determined Fall session, Winter session and Spring Session

Are Kinesiology services covered by insurance?

Kinesiology services are not covered by OHIP. However, some extended health plans cover kinesiology services and/or treatments and assessments under the scope of practice of kinesiology; check your individual plan. You may also submit out-of-pocket kinesiology expenses on your annual tax return.

We’ll come to you or you can come to us!

Class programs are outside in a park in warmer weather and in the humble surrounds of a local church basement in the cooler months. Kinesiology training sessions can be just about anywhere – we’ll make it work. Our corporate classes take place onsite at the place of business…. Maybe we teach where you work? You just never know…





Our Collaborative Community Health practitioners have many years of experience providing their specialties to clients!  We are here to focus on your individual needs!

Prices will vary according to treatment you are requesting.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the specific services offered








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