Keep it Simple- Commit to Movement!

Movement is Simple-our bodies are designed to move. However, sometimes the simplest movement may actual be the hardest. We like to recruit accessory muscles to try to make movement “easier”. We will be breaking this down in classes this week.

This week try to focus on your movement to see if you notice what is putting in the effort and really working hard and maybe what areas shouldn’t be working as hard (ie. clenched Jaws and shoulders hiked to your ears).

This week I also challenge you to pick a simple goal. It should be a small commitment – one that you can achieve.

Examples: I will focus on being mindful and my breath for 2 minutes a day. I will attend at least 4 fitness classes this month. I will make that appointment that I have been meaning to do.

We have discussed this before and there’s no better time than a brand new month to start fresh and put a stop to old habits. It’s been a long winter and it’s time to move forward!

You in?

It’s YOUR life. Your body. Your heart. Take charge.