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How it all started

Although I’ve been working in the reahab/health and fitness field for 18 years, I started Louden Kinetics classes 10 years ago with the simple act of helping a friend. She was a new mom with two small children (a good thing) and a baby with debilitating back pain (not so good). The back pain was preventing her from being able to do simple daily things. But she couldn’t find a fitness program that would help her get stronger to be able to manage. It all just hurt.

One day in the schoolyard she was at her breaking point. I suggested we work together and devised a simple solution: movement. Targeted, thoughtful movement tailored to her abilities in the form functional fitness classes. There were ups and downs along the way, but 10 years later she is still coming to class and her back pain is under control. Best of all, she can keep up with her kids, feels strong and is not in pain. You should see her rhyme off pushups and one-arm burpees!

We’ve seen a lot... and learned a lot along the way

Finding a health and fitness professional to work with isn’t an easy task – I know that. In addition to training and experience, you need to work with someone you connect with and trust. Someone who “gets” you and can motivate you. But, before you can figure that out, you need to know how qualified your trainer is.

I don’t think a list of credentials or experiences should ever be “it”. I’m always learning – looking for new ideas, sharing best practices and listening. Yup, a lot of listening equals a lot of learning. If there is something in particular you want to know about my experience, please do ask me.

Here’s a snapshot of my credentials:

  • Registered Kinesiologist- R.KIN- Member of the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario
  • B.A. Kinesiology
  • Certified Kinesiologist with experience working with Physiotherapists
  • EPIC- Certified in Functional Abitilies Evaluator/ Home and Work Site assessor
  •  ACSM member
  • OKA member
  • CANFITPRO member
  • Certified Pilates Instructor
  • ROCK DOC- Certified Kinesiology Tape
  • Certified Soccer Coach-NCCP level 1
  • Certified Gymnastics Coach -NCCP level 1
  • Certified Squash Coach- NCCP level 1
  • CPR and first aid -up to date





Hailey is Registered Kinesiologist who received her degree from the University of Alberta in 2016 with a specialization in adapted physical activity. During her time in Alberta she had a passion for activity. She played on multiple soccer teams, coached both boys and girls soccer to multiple championships, and did long-distance running. She has had the opportunity to work as a personal trainer, a group fitness instructor, and a Kinesiologist in a rehabilitation clinic. All of these experiences have allowed for her to work with a variety of people in all stages of life. Showing people how to achieve their goals and using her knowledge to make any kind of activity possible is what continues to drive her to develop her understanding of fitness.

While her passion for fitness started with her love of sports, it was made even stronger when she saw the difference it made in peoples lives, including the people closest to her.

While her Grandfather was recovering from a severe stroke Hailey was given the opportunity to develop a fitness program for him. The changes she saw in his life were more than just improvements in strength and balance; he was happier, he was able to work on is car and enjoy the things that he wanted to do. He was even able to walk Hailey down the aisle at her wedding.

Since moving to Hamilton in 2016, Hailey continues to look for new and exciting opportunities to change lives and further her education. She looks forward to working with the Louden Kinetics team and cannot wait to meet the exciting challenges ahead!





What’s different?

Fitness can be intimidating. Confusing. And full of conflicting information. My approach is different because it’s based on functional fitness. Functional fitness is exercise that integrates many muscle movements as opposed to working them in isolation at the gym. And it’s how your body moves in everyday life, whether it’s chasing your kids or chasing your dream on the roads, the trails or in a pool. We are just training for an event or one sport – we’re training for life.

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