OKAY Here we GO!

Let’s make this official:

When: Starting NOV 11th- Dec 2nd- 4 weeks of Strollerfit- 10 am!
Where: Soccerworld 104 Frid street ( lot’s of parking- lots of space)
What: Bring mat, blanket for baby, toys for tots, masks,
How much: $60 for the 4 weeks (if you have bands) $75 (included equipment) more info below!

Some things have changed a wee bit since the last time we met (just a wee bit).  There will be no preview class and unfortunately no make up classes at this time.

Here are main points that everyone must adhere to:

1. You must show your Vaccination Passport each time you enter Soccerworld!

2. Masks are to be worn when entering and resting- however can be taken off while exercising.

3. Sign up for all 4 classes for $60 (providing your own equipment) go to this link to register

or $75 for 4 classes plus equipment.  Go to this link to register

Or $20 per drop in class

(Pay by online with credit card or by E- transfer to

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Steady on….Keep up the resistance (strengthening that is)!

As we begin November, I have noticed a lot of us are rushing and a little “busy”.  Everyone seems to be a bit like they are trying to catch up with themselves but feel a couple steps behind.

I am an optimist but very much a realist. It may not get any less busy, or easier or (darn it) any lighter outside for the next few weeks.

Been missing some workouts?  Are you tired (✔️)?  Just so dark outside (am and pm) (another✔️)?  Just want to snuggle up on the couch and read or do some binging on Netflix or whatever way you stream screens(✔️)!

I’m not here to say don’t do that but instead try some options to keep you moving.

My goals for this week is to keep you on your routine to wellness!

Most of you (okay all of you) are not getting younger.  Be brave- we will fight that with  RESISTANCE (strengthening)

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Summer MODE!

Summer Mode 2.0!

I hope that the start of summer is off to a running start or a slow saunter- whatever pace you choose!

I’m keeping this short and to the point- reiterating the summer schedule message from last week.

Please note– there will be a big mix for the summer (some virtual, some hybrid and some just outdoor), a decrease in classes, and weather is the BOSS.

Please refer to weekly emails and or social media quick updates.



Just a reminder -for all outdoor classes.

1. You must pre- register
2. You must send me a screen shot of your negative COVID screening
3. Bring all your own equipment
4. Keep adhering to the public health measures that I know you all know.

Go with the flow and Keep going….

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Inner Dialogue (critic or assistant?)

Do you listen? or do you Shut it down?

Checking in….by the end of this week we are mid-January….WOW!

How are you doing? Loaded question of course – but do a wee check-in just as you read this. Mentally how do you feel? Be honest.

Now- how do YOU feel physically?

Maybe they are different or maybe they are the same feelings.  We do know how we mentally feel can affect how we physically feel and vice versa.

You really do have to do what works for you…but this is just a wee reminder that sometimes our inner dialogue/ that inner critic is not necessarily correct (and sometimes downright RUDE).  Sometimes it is beneficial to listen and a break is needed…but sometimes it can sabotage your best efforts.

Do you listen all the time or can you shut it down?

Well, it certainly is not easy. I’m not here to say it is.  What I am here to tell you about and what I DO KNOW is that movement/ exercise/ activity can actually assist with feeling better.  I KNOW YOU KNOW THIS.

I was reminded by my friend Erin (a Registered Psychotherapist) that:

Self-compassion/kindness is actually motivating. If we learn to talk to ourselves as we would a dear friend, it can help lead us toward acting in our best interest in many ways.

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For Go(ur)dness Sake it’s Time to Move for a Go(ur)d Cause:

Here we are the week before Halloween in 2020!

I am craving something…(not just the need to eat the tiny chocolate bars). I realize what is missing. I have not dressed up in costume and embarrassed my family for a long time.  Haven’t been dancing for a while either!

For those of you who know me…I have been known to dress up (a lot) and dance- teaching flash mobs, making you dress up, creating group dances, and yes just dancing.

So this is how we are going to do it! Dancing for a good cause! Check it out!!!

SUPERNATURAL JAMBOREE This Friday, October 30th-8-10 pm Virtual Costume/ Dance Party.

It’s pretty simple.  DJ. Donna Lovejoy will be spinning the tunes- we put on zoom, dress up if you would like (family members encouraged to join) get Kinetic and DANCE!.

We will be paying it forward to the CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association Hamilton Chapter).  This association has been amazing and pivotal to help the vulnerable population in Hamilton and decrease the stigma of mental health!


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Keep on Zooming and Moving

Keep Reaching for Your Movement Goals!

First of all I want you to know how thankful I am to have such a great group of clients.   We have come along way from the odd Pilates class back in 2005 and the first outdoor Bootcamp class.  YOU are the reason!  You are the reason we play fun games, make events successful and continue to do those push-ups I ask of you.  It is your commitment and dedication that we (I) celebrate.  So thank you!  I appreciate you!

We really pushed it last week (Tabata, strengthening, lot’s of new core moves).   I hope you enjoyed the elevated intensity and felt some wonderful gluteal activation and upper body enhancement exercises (aka pushups to failure).
Keep Reaching for your Movement Goals….it’s not easy…but like I express it is about baby steps and modifications. Take pushups – who cares if you can’t do from toes!  Start with whatever modification where you can get the full range, then we work up to full.  It is amazing how much our bodies actually want to move…and how much our minds appreciate it!

Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t doing what others are doing- DO WHAT YOU CAN- and that IS GOOD ENOUGH!

This is the last week of the May Virtual Series!  According to what I am seeing and to the College of Kins….it looks like June will be another virtual month.

So if this is working for you…get ready for another virtual month for JUNE!


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Operating as Normal! Please see COVid19 Post!

Just doing our due diligence. For all clients that are booked or booking, we will continue to treat you as it is on a one to one basis. However, we are following protocol and ensuring you have answered no to the following screening questions.
In light of the concerns around the spread of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus), we are asking you to kindly assist us in keeping our clients and practitioners safe by responding to the following 3 questions.
1) Have you, or anyone in your household engaged in recent travel?
2) Do you or anyone in your household have close contact with anyone recently travelling to these regions OR a probable or confirmed case of Coronavirus?
3) Are you or anyone in your household experiencing a new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, or fever?
If your response to any of the above 3 questions is YES, we ask that you reach out to us by phone as soon as possible.
We also kindly ask you to notify our office of any future change in answers to the questions above so that we can engage in the correct protocol.
Thank you very much for your assistance, it is an absolute pleasure to be working with you.
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Sweet December! A revisit…

We did it!  Finished November.  This past week seemed a little longer than normal.  Perhaps some of you felt the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) post-DOMS workout.  I know I did- and kept getting HIIT every workout this week.  Good job everyone.  And here we are… Sweet December!

My Dutch roots are tingling as soon it is time to eat Pepernoten and go get some chocolate letters at the Dutch Toko!  As a first-generation Canadian, I celebrate with bits and pieces of holiday traditions passed on from my Dutch family.  For us, it begins with good old Dutch treats- sugar and spice and we don’t forget the salt.

On that note… Admittedly December is difficult to get through without having a few (too many) shortbread cookies and tasty treats.  It’s okay.

The Winter schedule will be coming out soon.  If you know you already want a spot, just let me know this week in class or email me.  I know that it is hard to get out during this time of year, but try hard to make it to this final stretch of 2019!


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A little opinion piece

It’s Halloween this week. Hard to deny all decorations and pumpkin everything. Of course, I embrace this as I love the colour orange!

Alas, Halloween can bring stress and shame/guilt. But guess what, you should have a little fun as well. If the goods from your children, the store or your own supply happen to get digested, well then it did and I surely hope you’ve enjoyed it!

This diet culture we currently live in (and it’s been around a while) is starting to really wear on me. Negative body image and negative self-talk are all too real. And it really is prevalent and its sucks for those affected by it (for the person & for those who love them wholeheartedly – I speak from a place of knowledge).

There are physical consequences that I see as a result of the diet culture (moving to punish, poor posture, decreased strength, decreased endurance). And for those affected and deeply entrenced, the mental health component is truly out of my scope of practice.

I do try to help bring awareness though. For those who know me, I will be vocal about negative self-talk and degrading behaviour regarding diet/ food.  It may not seem kind- but it’s genuinely to help change the behaviour.
Let’s remember this piece of advice from Maude,  Registered Dietitian

Weight is not a behaviour. It is not something we control.
We can certainly act on our lifestyle factors that might (or not) affect our weight: enough sleep, nurturing our mental health, being active, eating wisely, fostering a fulfilling social circle, being mindful and present, slowing down…

If you are getting stressed about losing “self-control” and “indulging too much” in Halloween candies and chocolate, let me ask you: why? What would your life be like if you didn’t stress about food?

Not sure where to start….ask your GP, or come see our Registered Dietitians and our Registered Psychotherapist.

And for parents out there wondering how to manage their kids Halloween candies, Maude wrote a blog post on that topic:

So put up your hand if you are with me….

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AHHHHH Autumn!

h Autumn- time to let some things go.

Fall = time to start to ramp things up.  Routines are setting in and some of the kinks in your schedules are getting worked out.  There is always the behind the scenes work to do – planning, advising and promotions and this is the week that we start to MOVE a little more!

My focus is to continue to be a good human, helping others be good humans and raising good humans….in a way that makes me feel less of the guilt and shame that has been thrown around news, media lately (that was necessary positive self-talk)

For me, that may mean I turn off some of the social media and finger-pointing and name-calling and emphasize how I can help others be better.

And by coaching your movement, emphasizing functional longevity, focusing on adding more motion into your life, cueing you on posture and all things kinetic…. actually can improve your quality of life.

So if your kids have coaches- take an extra moment to go out of your way and give them a nice hi-five (and say thanks).

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