Fall = time to start to ramp things up. Routines are setting in and some of the kinks in your schedules are getting worked out. There is always the behind the scenes work to do – planning, advising and promotions and this is the week that we start to MOVE a little more!

And by the way, this was National Coaches Week! I am a coach- not only a certified coach but I consider myself the movement coach for all participants….and that I know that this helps YOU in so many ways!

My focus is to continue to be a good human, helping others be good humans and raising good humans….in a way that makes me feel less of the guilt and shame that has been thrown around news, media lately (that was necessary positive self-talk)

For me, that may mean I turn off some of the social media and finger-pointing and name-calling and emphasize how I can help others be better. LETTING IT GO.

And by coaching your movement, emphasizing functional longevity, focusing on adding more motion into your life, cueing you on posture and all things kinetic…. actually can improve your quality of life.

So if you or your family members have coaches- take an extra moment to go out of your way and give them a nice hi-five (and say thanks).