Keep it Fresh

I like routine…most of us like routine. It was good to get back to routine…but boy was it hard. I also like a challenge (or two) to keep things Fresh.

There are times when we tell ourselves “There’s no way I can do that!” How do you know unless you try? Internal barriers affect physical abilities. In other words, it might be all in your head!

Remember when you didn’t have as many barriers? If you forget what that was like, watch some kids!

I remember we would climb trees, crawl through ditches, jump logs and I even swung across a pitchfork laden barnyard (thanks to brothers).

Here’s the thing…you can still do those things. They might be slower, or somewhat modified, but you CAN do them.

Sometimes we need to say, “What the $#@%…I’m going to try that”. The feeling of success that comes after even attempting the “barrier” is awesome!

Pick a barrier you are going to break. If you’ve achieved something you didn’t think you could do, feel free to share it with me! I want to know and celebrate with you!