Hello AGING….

This week was a bit of a reflective week. It’s inevitable not to have moments where the reality of mortality kicks in. Hold up-I’m not not invincible? Sorry if sounds morbid….just keeping it real.

So instead fixating on the negatives I will say hello and embrace the reality of aging.

As a true GenXer this means I am doing things like always wearing hats and sunscreen to protect my skin (sorry repeated sunburnt nose from the 70’s), craving sleep, cranking up the retro 70’s/80’s, tunes, combatting hormonal fluctuations and maybe just maybe changing up my pace a wee bit.

What else comes with aging? There is a lot of physical changes….but that’s a whole other email.

Personal things like different responsibilities and transitions, aging parents, loss, feeling like trying to keep up, down sizing, and yes what we hear with this age group is more injuries, disease and illness.

BUT….A big BUTT…..we can STILL do things to take this down ( or up) a notch….and it does involve movement.

I am an advocate for improved experiences of aging. Too often the younger generations discount our older adults and just assume they aren’t able to keep up. My teens do that to me ALL THE TIME.

I love when I work with older adults who forgot what it feels like to move, then find the safe ways to move (like lifting weights, pickle ball or getting an electric bike) and see all the benefits of being functional.

Being in your 70’s and 80’s doesn’t mean you can’t do the things you love (it just may look a little different).

So yeah- I am feeling a wee older.

I also feel it is a privilege to age….a privilege to share this with my family and friends. The right of passage to pass on my knowledge and STILL GROW.

So instead of putting filters on my posts, fretting about wrinkles (I may still complain about my genetics), accept the greying hair, and thinking about what I can’t do; I’m going to find joy in my experiences (whether the same ones at a different pace or new adventures) and JUST be ME.

Maybe you will join me!

Get out and live…enjoy….move….