Be safe. Stay well.
Be Kind (encore)

Well, here we are heading into the holiday break. This seems eerily twilight zonish from lasts years post….

Some of you have kids who are home from school which means some of you are taking some time “off”. However, we know that some don’t get a break, especially those on the front lines with the pandemic (a shout out to all my friends/ caregivers in healthcare- THANK YOU).

This is the second to last weekly email for 2021. And yes…again…what a year 2021 has been.

There is s(n)o(w) much to say, s(n)o(w) much to think about (selfishly -I really would like snow this winter).

But to put it simply:

Once again…


Perhaps the best gift this year is to REALLY think of others. Those who may not have the choices that we may have. Those who continue to work (yes essential workers), those who cannot see their family (in homes/congregate care settings or in areas of lockdown), and/or those who are vulnerable to all things COVID.

It truly is a gift of human kindness to do what is best for our community (and by the community I mean everyone around us).

Let’s keep moving. Don’t stop being kinetic! Do all things safely!

There are only 2 classes for the next 2 weeks (slowing down but not turning it off completely).

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of you and your families!