Do you listen? or do you Shut it down?

Checking in….by the end of this week we are mid-January….WOW!

How are you doing? Loaded question of course – but do a wee check-in just as you read this. Mentally how do you feel? Be honest.

Now- how do YOU feel physically?

Maybe they are different or maybe they are the same feelings.  We do know how we mentally feel can affect how we physically feel and vice versa.

You really do have to do what works for you…but this is just a wee reminder that sometimes our inner dialogue/ that inner critic is not necessarily correct (and sometimes downright RUDE).  Sometimes it is beneficial to listen and a break is needed…but sometimes it can sabotage your best efforts.

Do you listen all the time or can you shut it down?

Well, it certainly is not easy. I’m not here to say it is.  What I am here to tell you about and what I DO KNOW is that movement/ exercise/ activity can actually assist with feeling better.  I KNOW YOU KNOW THIS.

I was reminded by my friend Erin (a Registered Psychotherapist) that:

Self-compassion/kindness is actually motivating. If we learn to talk to ourselves as we would a dear friend, it can help lead us toward acting in our best interest in many ways.