We did it!  Finished November.  This past week seemed a little longer than normal.  Perhaps some of you felt the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) post-DOMS workout.  I know I did- and kept getting HIIT every workout this week.  Good job everyone.  And here we are… Sweet December!

My Dutch roots are tingling as soon it is time to eat Pepernoten and go get some chocolate letters at the Dutch Toko!  As a first-generation Canadian, I celebrate with bits and pieces of holiday traditions passed on from my Dutch family.  For us, it begins with good old Dutch treats- sugar and spice and we don’t forget the salt.

On that note… Admittedly December is difficult to get through without having a few (too many) shortbread cookies and tasty treats.  It’s okay.

The Winter schedule will be coming out soon.  If you know you already want a spot, just let me know this week in class or email me.  I know that it is hard to get out during this time of year, but try hard to make it to this final stretch of 2019!