The Terry Fox foundation is quite wonderful.  By walking and donating we are making a difference today, as most of us are/have been affected by cancer in some capacity.

I am always inspired by his story and use it often for personal motivation.  He ran a marathon a day….on one leg….with Cancer…across Canada!!!!

There are days/ times when life seems really rough.  Where the mind and body are not letting you feel great.   We are sad.  We think negatively.  We lose perspective.  I think about 1980 and the story of Terry Fox, and when I feel any of those feelings, I tell myself to Rise up and Get Moving!  That works for me….movement is my medicine.

We all have trials and tribulations that we experience on a day to day basis.  These experiences are not trivial.  Sometimes PERSPECTIVE helps us to un-spiral and regain focus on the positive, on the things we have, on the things are bodies can do, and our amazing ability to cope!

So get out there….Rise up… take a deep breath…and DO.IT.NOW!