Are you sick and tired of talking about your trick knee, food striking toddler, crazy cravings, stresses in life, sore hips, your inability to concentrate and your mother in law? 

Perhaps you don’t want to share or unload this with friends and family.  Or perhaps you have and it feels like work.

That’s what we are here for- to help you with complicated issues. Talk to the Pod!

The health pod will collaborate and help you find the best treatment plan for you….even if it means taking a nap in the pod!

Booking well into the Summer for all appointments!

My Summer goal
What a beautiful way to start summer!  This week was full of celebrations and I may need a bit of a reboot (time out).  Thank you to all for your support, well wishes and just being you – Aweso

BUT if you want/ need a little TLC and extra attention (aka private sessions/ session) send me a message and we can discuss options at The Health Pod (see below),