Here is a repost from just over 2 years ago- with same vibes and some more insight.

I had one of those weeks.  I was one minute away from throwing away all screens and devices in my home.  I know…  I know thar that is totally ridiculous and nearly impossible to do.  But I’m not going to lie… I really really wanted to do it.  Can you relate?

Then I realized- HOLD UP- I spend a lot of time posting things on social media, making sure I’m updated and answering texts.  I can’t throw my phone away (I can’t survive), right?  Well, I would survive and again the act of “getting rid of devices” is unrealistic.  I tell my kids, “Enough screens… Find something else to do” and yet, there is my device(s) glued to me.  I am as GUILTY as the kids!

Our children (and adults) navigate through social media with such addictive behaviours.  And once again… I’m guilty of it too.  We, who supposedly have developed our frontal lobes, should be able to say “okay that was 30 minutes of perusing on INSTAGRAM, now time to go for a walk”…..but that takes a lot of effort.

12 years ago (I CAN’T believe this) my friend Bettie and I attempted to start a PLAY IN THE PARK program at our local park. Get kids moving- start the habit of enjoying play outdoors. ( My kids were wee and so my naive self thought- YEP we GOT this.

Well, 12 years kids are teens- they still go for walks (but I have to tell them it’s time) and I force them off the screens.

So let’s help each other out.  It is not easy. Asking kids to go for a walk and unplugging is like asking them to crank out 200 burpees…..wait, I think I’m on to something.

I promise to continue to nag and have my children rebel against my walks.  I will continue this parental behaviour and hopefully, when they are old enough (with fully formed frontal lobes) they will thank me.