The Fitness and Health Industry at times is good at adding a bit of guilt (like body image), even though the goal is to try to promote you to get healthier. As I look at different posts, websites and the up and coming instructors, there are moments of doubt with the fitness industry (especially in the world of social media and promotion of health). BUT…. (or should I say BUTT🍑) I do…I REALLY do… believe in living healthy and as healthy as we can.

That is for me keeping it REAL. REAL is evidence-based, individual practices (not always easy) while having fun (individually or in classes and with others). Real is understanding that what works for me, it may not work for everyone. We are going to have some really good strong days and very low days. Understanding your individual needs: Different body types, different eating habits, different sleep habits, and different exercises needs. I’m glad we are all different-love the challenges (and hate being boring)! #keepingitreal#exerciseismedicine #movementislife#kinesiogist #hamont #hamontfitness#kinesiologyinstructor #wellness #health#doitnow