Guest Post:  Callie Parsons RMT


Last week we discussed Mental Health.  Listening is such an important skill that we all can improve on.

Listening to your body is just as important.  Sometimes we do need some assistance to get us feeling feel well and increase productivity.

As a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and busy mother, I know time is precious and getting out the door sometimes is the biggest accomplishment.

Each therapist has his or her own unique treatment style and approach.  They build on the College standards, focusing on courses and methods to help develop their own style of treatment.  Some therapists treat in a more relaxing space that gives the client a sense of relaxation and well being.  Other therapists  prefer a more methodical approach where focused direct work is applied to achieve a treatment goal.

When dealing with limiting factors such as injuries, strains, or discomfort due to posture, a massage therapist can help with the re-alignment of the muscular pull. (Example poor posture due to tight pectoral muscles causing shoulder and neck pain) sometimes our limitations can be cleared up by retraining and improving awareness.

A RMT knows about helping clients to get results.

And each of you are busy, why buy time when you can buy results? Did you know that most therapeutic massage therapy treatments can be done in 45mins. Specialized treatments focus on making your minutes count, by assessing and working towards a treatment goal.

Each client, each treatment is completely individualized.

Book your treatment, and start feeling the benefits of a more open, balanced posture.