You did it!  You made it through September.  If your life was anything like mine, there were a lot of changes, things starting up, and just plain old busy.

Last week our focus was on balance.  This week, I would like to discuss a wee little character trait called “GRIT”.

Grit is a combination of passion, self control and perseverance.  In my case (and from others that I have heard from), I’m pretty sure a little grit was used during September.   How do you determine if you have GRIT?  Ask yourself- Do you finish what you started?  You are GRITTY when you use self control (waiting for perhaps the optimal choice), passion (doing the things that you love) and persevering (keep fighting despite obstacles).

So how does this relate to health and wellness?

* if you really want to do something (ex: join a dance class, run a 10 km or maybe learn to row), you will get it done and use GRIT.
* if you are exhausted and overwhelmed but know you will feel better after a workout, you use GRIT to get up and get it done.

Can you develop GRIT!  Of course!  You can decrease weaknesses with practice and you can learn by training not only for muscles but our brain (which is a muscle) as well.  Practice to make changes into habits (bad behaviours into great practices!).

It’s not going to be easy (stop making excuses and put down that device- my inner dialogue) and go do the things you want to get DONE!