Do you feel like I do where March is just a blur?  I know I talk about being mindful and present….but where did March go…Wow!

I was fortunate enough to head out to a great summit this past week with other health and fitness professionals.  It’s pretty easy to get health and wellness professionals pumped about “movement” – but my “take-away” is to help get MORE people moving and help them LOVE what they do!

NOTE: I am happy to say that if you have been participating in classes over the past many years (it will be 10 years in June) that we are doing everything right and relevant ( …PHEW).  And FYI to my class attendees:  I was in good company with some other instructors who were unable to count as well  (@labsports- Michael Piercy!)

A couple of things that really stood out to me.  Some of the statistics were not that pretty.  In the US, people are sitting on average 7.7 hours a day.  Technology and our busy lifestyles don’t help us MOVE.  There is a lot more research that needs to be done, but one thing we know is how movement is GOOD and we really just have to get moving.

On the positive spin: There is data that proves that exercise is good (but that may be boring) and our gut feeling is right – we know how physical activity positively influences us.

There is no one way to get Fit.  What works for me, of course, may not work for you. But I’m going to keep trying new things for you….remember Parkour, Hip Hop, Obstacle courses and Scavenger Hunts etc.

So even if you can’t make it the classes we offer- that’s okay- if you have a place that makes you move- and you love it – GREAT just get there and…..